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     Enamine Germany provides LOCAL access to its renowned services and catalog. 

​REAL = REadily AccesibLe

    Rapid access to custom Compound Libraries is essential for medicinal chemistry projects at all stages of development. These libraries provide a diverse array of molecules for screening, hit
identification, lead optimization, and target validation. They enable researchers to explore chemical space efficiently and accelerate the
Drug Discovery process.

80% Success rate of REAL compound
synthesis is based on:

Experience in screening compound
. Internal screening collection of
Enamine contains >4M of in-house
synthesized compounds.

Versatile parallel chemistry. Capability to
synthesize up to 40K compounds per
month based on well-validated procedures
(Figure 1).

Off-the-shelf Building-Blocks. The largest
collection of ~300K Building Blocks allows
for use in parallel chemistry
(Figure 2).

Powerful Purification and QC. All the
compounds are purified by HPLC and
characterized by LCMS (and/or 1H NMR).
Effective management. A dedicated team
constantly works on the improvement of the

REAL compound synthesis success rate and
supports diverse Drug Discovery projects .

Enamine products and services accelerate the progress of early Drug Discovery

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