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Building Blocks

    Enamine Germany provides LOCAL access to its renowned services and catalog.

     The World's Premier Building Block Collection for Scientific Exploration.
Enamine has the largest collection globally, with over 300,000 unique Building Blocks in
stock, offering an unmatched resource for
 finding any analogs required for medicinal
chemistry and scientific research.

  • Quick Building Block / Quick Monomer Program. Experience streamlined research with Enamine's Quick Building Block Program. Get pre-weighted sets tailored for
    your projects, ensuring rapid delivery within 1-3 days. Simplify your synthesis process
    with immediate access to our vast, diverse collection.

  • Bifunctional and more functional Building Blocks. Explore our extensive collection of bi- and tri-functional building blocks, ideal for DEL-compatible scaffolds and parallel synthesis, enhancing versatility and innovation in your research projects.

  • MADE Building Blocks. Discover Enamine's 1B MADE (MAke-on-DEmand) Building
    Blocks, the world's most extensive catalog of novel, commercially available
    compounds with an unmatched scientific foundation. Our MADE collection is based on
    in-house synthesis expertise and a high success rate, ensuring rapid delivery of high-quality
    novel Building Blocks.

  • Reagents for Synthesis. Enamine provides a versatile array of reagents for modern
    organic synthesis, including classical ones and the latest innovations recently
    described in the liter
    ature. Find everything you need for your synthesis projects readily
    available in our stock.

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