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    Deep knowledge of synthetic organic chemistry, proficiency in modern methodologies, and ability to apply our skills and experience allow our Team to quickly assess existing synthetic routes, identify challenges and potential points to improve, as well as propose novel alternatives for evaluation.

    By harnessing the expertise of our Team of skilled chemists and scientists, we aim to tackle challenges at every stage of the discovery process, pushing the boundaries of what's possible and striving to create molecules that fulfill specific needs or goals, rather than just those that are readily accessible.


Chemistry Skills


Parallel synthesis


Peptide synthesis


Scale up to 0.5-1 kg


Spiro/bridged/fused bicycles

Covalent binders

Heterobifunctional compounds

Organofluorine chemistry

Our Capabilities


  • New site in Germany, located in Höchst Industrial Park (Frankfurt am Main), with capabilities for up to 35 bench chemists.

  • Modern well-equipped lab space with all required infrastructure for organic synthesis.

  • Direct access to a unique collection of Enamine Building Blocks and Intermediates.

  • Analytical equipment: LCMS, NMR.

  • Normal and reverse phase column chromatography for mg to g scale purifications.

  • Compound storage/management capabilities. Well-validated logistics


    For our customers, we offer flexible models of collaboration tailored to the specific needs and preferences as well as budget conditions of each client.


FFS (Fee-for-service) model

is suitable for ordering compounds with certain structures. Based on the literature data as well as our own experience we provide the quote with timelines and costs. Once the synthesis is performed the customer is charged according to the quote.

FTE (Full-Time employment) model

makes sense for dynamic and flexible projects, which require research and validation of synthetic routes. Dedicated chemists are fully engaged in the synthetic work for the customer, performing required chemistry according to provided priorities and regularly updating about the synthesis progress. The customer is charged on a monthly basis according to the FTE rate.


Features of custom synthesis with Enamine Germany

  • High-quality management

  • Transparent communication / regular update

  • The diverse scope of the projects

  • High qualified chemists

  • Availability of starting materials/Building Blocks

  • IP protection

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