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Medicinal chemistry support

    Accelerate Your Drug Disсovery with us

The success of a Drug Discovery project depends significantly on the ability to identify directions to optimize validated hit structures and effectively perform synthetic work toward various target molecules. Having access to the whole Enamine collection and technologies as well as to a team of experienced chemists makes Enamine Germany a unique partner that provides versatile services on different stages of your projects.

  • Hit-validation and analog synthesis. In order to confirm the activity of primary hits, it is often necessary to quickly resynthesize/repurify compounds and generate close analogs for further testing in order to be sure that the hit can be optimized and selected for follow-up.
    Parallel synthesis of Compound Libraries as well as preparation of close analogs from
    Enamine REAL Database is the most comm
    on approach for early-stage research.

  • Hit-to-Lead optimization (H2L). Once promising hits are selected, optimization to lead structures is the next important stage. It is often crucial to apply effectively various MedChem principles as well as Computer-Aided Drug Design (CADD) in Lead generation. Simultaneously synthetic feasibility of the generated compounds is a key factor in ensuring a quick H2L campaign.

  • Bioisostere replacement and scaffold hopping are widely used approaches for both Hit and Lead Optimization to improve the pharmacodynamic and pharmacokinetic properties of compounds. It is important to have access to diverse stock available Building-
    Blocks and Scaffolds to quickly synthesize the designed compounds.

  • Structure–Activity relationship (SAR) investigation is an important process to identify specific features of the molecule and determine its impact on the activity. For effective SAR, it is critical to apply stock available Building Blocks to ensure rapid synthesis of versatile analogs.

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