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Library syntheses 

    At Enamine, our mission is to expedite the path to drug discovery with state-of-the-art library synthesis services. Annually, we craft over 300,000 high-purity compounds, directly available to researchers in a ready-to-use, dry format. Our service stands out in the industry, supported by:

  • Extensive Building Block Collection: With an industry-leading stockpile of 300,000 building blocks, Enamine provides an unmatched foundation for synthesizing compound libraries of the highest quality, featuring a broad spectrum of novel and diverse molecular frameworks.

  • Reactivity Intelligence: Utilizing our extensive database on building block reactivity, we strategically navigate the synthesis process to avoid low-yield routes. This informed approach not only conserves resources but also significantly enhances the success rate of our library synthesis projects.

  • Revolutionary Parallel Synthesis Capacity: Our expertise in parallel synthesis is evidenced by our ability to efficiently produce over 1,500 compounds each day, thanks to our arsenal of 180+ tried-and-tested protocols. This capability allows us to deliver tailor-made compound libraries quickly, aiding our clients in their quest for new drug candidates.

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