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Thinking out of the ring. Present and future of small cyclic compounds

We are thrilled to announce that Ivan Kondratov will deliver a keynote lecture during the upcoming workshop "Thinking out of the Ring: Present and Future of Small Cyclic Compounds" in Leiden.

In recent years, the synthesis, derivatization, and application of small organic rings have captured the attention of both academia and industry globally. This interest has resulted in a rapid surge of scientific publications and patents focused on the chemical construction of these energy-rich strained rings.

The workshop will concentrate on small organic rings, serving as a convergence point for scientists from diverse backgrounds and areas of expertise. Attendees will discuss and outline three main aspects:

  • Concept

  • Current Trends

  • Future Perspectives

This event will cover various fields, from medicinal chemistry to synthetic organic chemistry, fostering interdisciplinary collaboration and innovation. Join us for an insightful exploration of the exciting advancements and future possibilities in the realm of small cyclic compounds.

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