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About Us

Who we are?
In 2023 Enamine, a leading provider of high-quality products and services for Drug Discovery, has established a new site in Germany, located in Höchst Industrial Park (Frankfurt am Main). Enamine Germany will expand Enamine's reach in Europe and provide local access to its renowned services.

What are we building?
At Enamine Germany we have an ambitious goal to build a powerful company, providing versatile chemistry services. We are assembling a team of skillful talents and professionals, we are equipping our modern labspace and looking forward to establishing strong collaboration with pharmaceutical, biotech, and agrochemical partners.

About Enamine LTD.

Enamine Ltd was founded in 1991 with the advent of high throughput screening in early drug discovery. The driving force of the company’s development was rapidly increasing demand for new chemical compounds. In over 15 years Enamine has become a global provider of Screening CompoundsBuilding Blocks, and Fragments for supporting a wide range of research programs conducted by pharmaceutical and biotech companies, drug discovery centers, academic institutions and other research organizations worldwide.

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