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9th Fragment-based Drug Discovery Meeting

The 9th RSC-BMCS Fragment-based Drug Discovery conference aims to highlight real-world case studies that have successfully progressed to advanced stages in drug development, including late-stage medicinal chemistry and pre-clinical or clinical stages. Initiated in 2007, the conference will maintain its tradition, dedicating the majority of its presentations to these case studies. These will be augmented by updates on technological advancements in high concentration screening, NMR, SPR, and X-ray methods.

The event is tailored for professionals like chemists, biophysicists, and structural biologists, catering to both seasoned practitioners in the field of fragment-based drug discovery and newcomers eager to explore this dynamic sector. Attracting a global audience, the conference is a hub for delegates from the UK, across Europe, and other countries including the USA, Japan, China, and South Korea.

For those interested in joining the RSC for reduced conference fees, please utilize the provided RSC link to register.

Although bursary applications for this meeting are now closed, the RSC-BMCS had offered a limited number of bursaries, prioritizing RSC-BMCS members, PhD and post-doctoral researchers from academic or non-profit institutions, unemployed RSC or EFMC members, and individuals facing financial constraints.

The conference will feature a special "Meet the Experts" session on Sunday, 3rd March, included within the delegate package. Esteemed experts in the field, Anna Hirsch, Dan Erlanson, and David Rees, will lead an interactive discussion on the fundamentals and practical applications of fragment-based drug discovery. This approach, known for kickstarting drug design with small, low-weight molecular fragments, has led to several marketed drugs. The session will foster an engaging dialogue with the audience in a relaxed setting, followed by a buffet dinner at the Hinxton Hall conference centre.

Our General Manager, Tim Schober, is set to participate in the conference, contributing to the breadth of knowledge shared at this prestigious event.

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